Mariska Karto

Mariska Karto Artist

In short time Mariska Karto was able to develope her creative forces to the utmost levels and creates next to her visual ethereal storytelling portraits, masterful complex hyperphoto collages that goes further than beyond this world. In her work time plays an important role in her work.

In her hyperphoto collages she brings stories of our travels in time and society together and make them one journey. Mariska is fascinated with issues in our current time in society, both at urban level and at international global level.
She believes that, besides beauty and aesthetic designs, art also aims self-reflection.

Her ethereal visual storytelling work contains a powerful atmosphere of mystery, heavenly dark and dreamy language.

Mariska Karto started her career as photo artist in 2012 officially. In short time she has won various well known international awards (including the PX3 Prix De La Photographie De Paris, First place Gold Award, in complete category Professionals Fine Art) and is also nominated as Ambassador of tolerance in 2016.

“Without history there is no present, without present there is no future, no dreams, no memories not something to” go “for.”

“I love using photography as medium in complex hyperphoto collages. Because awesome details like rusty spots, wall discoloration, leafcolors and their spots, whimsical weed growth are everywhere in my architecture/landscape works. In my fresco’s you see human sweat, small details in accesoires, moles, folds in clothing/fabrics and hairgrowth are everywhere in the work.

I use these kind of photographic details to built worlds.”